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Open Stages

Mama Sita's Cafe

Open Stage Schedule:

Wednesday Dec 12 2018

6:30 pm

Mama Sita's Cafe

Thursday Dec 13 2018

8 PM

The Royal On Baker


7 PM

The Balfour Beach Inn

How can you enjoy some live music and meet some great folks who enjoy the same? Come to Open Stages to participate or be entertained. We'd love to meet you, so be sure to introduce yourself  before afteror between sets.

What we do

  • Host and/or  provide entertainment and/or sound equipment for live events
  • Setup and run sound equipment for live events
  • Known in the West Kootenays for hosting and producing Open Stages. We can also help you with your social functions, birthdays
  •  or wedding receptions.
  • Do live recordings for independent  artists or bands
  • Do photos or short videos for memorandum or promotion of  acts or events.

Check out our schedule below for  shows we are producing.

See the Music Store for CDs or digital downloads and copies of music we have produced.

 You can give a listen to some examples of our tracks at Tunes We Have Produced.

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First After The Fire Video

Produced By Artmin Productions

Link for video: First After The Fire - Kinetic Life


  Estevan and the people 

he works with will entertain you

 Bringing Live Music to the West Kootenays in British Columbia, Canada


As well as producing shows of independent bands that play live music, we set up and host Live music stages  in West Kootenay communities where we invite local musicians to come play music or enjoy the music of others. A great place to meet network with like minded individuals. The concept is called Open Stage and anyone is welcome to come enjoy the magic of happens at these events.


                      Check above for Open Stage Schedule. Details below.

Artmin Productions music store

Open Stage Concept:

           Open Stages are meant to be respectful of the stage as an area for performance. We provide a sign up sheet where anyone can sign up and give a short presentation. We provide; acoustic and electric guitars as well as bass and drums and are hoping to obtain a keyboard  this is a great opportunity to enjoy some live and often original music although cover songs are acceptable as no one is getting paid for the performance. It's always a good idea to mention the artist who composed or performed the song if you are doing a cover of a song. As performers we all love an audience so come on out and enjoy the show if you have an opportunity to do that. Please sign up on the mailing list if you would like to be updated for shows we are producing or music we are releasing. Visit the music store for digital downloads of what we have already released.

Presently working with, recording and producing West Kootenay rock & roll band